An Earth Day Birthday!

Hello world! It’s me, Jduck9 here, ready to share some cool ideas for a green birthday party! 

First, let’s start with invitations. 

There are three ways to make your invitation eco-friendly.

1. Use recycled paper for your invitation    

2. Attach flower seeds to your invitation    

3. Use an e-card                                                                                        

 You could even combine #1 and 2! When hosting a a green birthday party, you have to remember to think simple and creative. If you don’t like those three ideas, just get a regular invitation with a picture of a tree on it! People will get the idea.

Now on to presents…

 Traditionally, the birthday child is showered with presents. The presents are usually wrapped in delightful shiny paper which is torn to shreds and tossed on the floor. So, um, is there anything wrong with this picture? Its not just the wasting of paper that I’m concerned about. We all have too many toys, anyways. Right?! A toy hay day is just not necessary and it sends a message of consumerism that i just don’t like. Furthermore, many of the common gifts will be plastic toys that are full of toxins and chemicals that have harmful effects on children. Plastic breaks quite easily, and because the toys are non-recyclable, they end up in landfills. So maybe you could request in your recycled invitations that guests bring a used book or a gently used toy. As for for what it shall be wrapped in, go for newspaper or fabric. 


 When you’re eating, don’t use disposables such as papers and plastics. Use everything that can be washed and reused: this is better for the environment. And for those of you who don’t know this, it is better to hand wash your dishes than to pop them into the dishwasher. It uses less water and energy. If you end up using papers and plastics, at least put out recycling bins! Make sure your guests know exactly where to put everything, and they’ll have a blast throwing empty bottles into a can!!

 There are many options for green decorations, too. Instead of a plastic tablecloth, use cloth! Fabric is always the better alternative! Even when you are getting your goodie bags together, ditch plastic and say hello to fabric!

 When it comes to balloons, avoid conventional balloons. THESE ARE TERRIBLE FOR YOU, ANIMALS, AND THE ENVIRONMENT!!! Try Japanese-style paper balloons, an eco-friendly substitute. 

Bake da Cake!

 If you need information on an eco-friendly, healthy cake Google it. My advice? Try carrot cake. It’s the best, healthiest, greenest cake there is. 


 So are you ready to throw your green birthday bash? I hope I’ve given you enough ideas to do so! Please comment with all your ideas- we love your feedback! Thank you all SO MUCH for your continuous support! We love you!

~Jduck9 🙂


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