Why We Should Help Out

Some people think “Ok so the Earth gets warmer, and we lose some animals.  Big deal…”. Even if that’s all Global Warming would do, we still would have reason to be concerned. Losing precious species would have such a huge influence on the food chain that I can’t even begin to explain. Unfortunately if we did nothing to help our Earth, we would see

All of this would be a terrible loss. Even though we might not see it in our lifetime, our children and grandchildren will. And who is to blame? You and me, friends, neighbors, everyone you know, and everyone you don’t know will have a fault in this epidemic. Even those who are the most dedicated to preventing such a cataclysmic future will, and can be blamed. We all have a carbon footprint. We all have contributed. We have all left a mark. We might not suffer. But the next few generations will. They will have to clean up after our too big of a mess (if that is even possible). With such a huge lack of resources they might not be able to manage machinery, live in their own homes, get to their only jobs, care for their only children. Survive.

This is why we should act NOW. We might not be able to prevent a terrible future, but we can make it better. If we recycle we can have more material to use. If we buy solar panels for EVERY school building (on Earth) we can save probably 10% more electricity (just my estimated you). IF everyone person on Earth used florescent light bulbs instead of the regular ones, we all might save 8% more energy (again, just my guess). together that is almost 20 percent more usable energy, almost a quarter of the world’s energy for us to use again. And that is only a little bit of what we can do.
There are so many things you alone can do. But joined together, as a group, we can all shape a better, safer, eco-friendlier, future.
Please if you would like to assist me, and everyone else in crafting a safer world for our fututre generations, please click around my blog and find out how you can help out. I recomend that you go to the “Effective Fundraisers” page and the “Be green everyday” page (coming soon).



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    ClubPenguinRocksKitty7779 said,

    My city has an blizzard.

  2. 2

    cpbetatrackers said,

    This page is very motivating. It just kinda DRAWS you in, it’s great! I would PM you on DP but I’m banned for a day. Whoops! Hehe…

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