Effective Fundraisers

Please note that this page is still undergoing construction (I will be adding things ALOT) sorry that there isn’t many fundraiseres on this page yet. I will anounce a post when my pages are completly finished.

On this page you can find funraiser ideas that will help you save some green, both money, and trees! The titles will distinguish the different catagories we have

NOTE: in the future more will be added to the list, let me know if you would like to see something important I might be missing from it. Thanks!


Schools all over contribute to their communities in so many ways, bake sales, fairs, the list goes on! So, why not contribute to the entire planet! Sound hard right? Wrong! There are so many things you can do, requiring very few materials earning lots of money for you school. Below is a whole mess of ideas for your school to do!

Recycle Portrait!

This project requires

ok Step 1, hold a contest between classes. Class room that brings in the most recycleables is the winner!

To measur the amounts, take a student weigh them, then have them hold a bag of recycleables, then subtract the students origonal weight from the total. Once each room has the exact amounts all totaled up, take the top 2 winners and have them create a portrait using the recycleables!

They have however much time you give them to do this! when they create their masterpeices, have a set theme to it. School mascot, recycleable image, anything you want! Once done have a judge come out and pick the winner of the two teams. The Winning class recives medals, a throphe, posters, ice cream party, picture in the local newspaper. Anything!

As long as the class recives something worth the effort. Once done, have all of those bags and recycleables taken to be recycled! My school (which is REALLY SMALL with a total of 106 kids in our middle school) made about 200-300 dollars! We didn’t do the portrait part, but it would have been MUCH more fun if we had.


Eco-Awarness Video/Movie

This Project requires

in this activity you will have a kid, class, or just a couple of friends put together an Eco-Awarness Video Presentation. You will charge an admission fee (you can set the price as whatever you want). So let’s get going!

Step 1, go shoot some video and take some pictures of the environment, flowers, trees, clouds; anything that looks tranquil. Then go get some shots of polution: trash, car exughst, and anything else you find harmfull to the enviornment. Even a symbolic picture, like some mean guy about to step on (or already has jumped upon and ruined) a little group of flowers. Maybe this could be labeled “Enviornment killer”. All you need are some creative pics and video.

Step 2, get to your computer and upload all of what you just filmed. Start putting together your film by uploading your work on to a movie editor program (e.g. Windows Movie Maker, or something). With these editing softwares there are many effects you can add to your video.

Step 3, this is where you really can get creative. When making an educational film you MUST make it exciting. For example, ever be in science class and your teacher puts on an introductional video for the next “Thrilling” chapter? Well your interested by the colors and fun music, but when you are 5 minutes in you can find your self passing notes with your best buds. WHY? that film is all info, no fun. People in suites and ties, boring colors, lame examples… must I continue? So enough of that, lets make something people will WANT to watch. I have put together a list containing some things that could make your film more fun.

the rest you have already heard. Loud clear voice, stand up straight, eat your veggies….

If you need help ask a teacher, adult, buddy, to help you and give advice on what you should add in your clip

Step 4, ALRIGHT you are finished! Woo-Hoo!!! All your (and your possy’s) hard work condensed in an educational film about Eco-Awareness. This video is chocked full of facts, pictures, and animated examples. Better yet, it will make you some money. Now either play this master peice on your TV, a projector, or anything else. Make sure you are able to seat at LEAST 15 people if this is a small group event. Otherwise you need a big space and a BIG screen for this. Once your location is found, ask a good friend who HAS NEVER seen this video to come watch it. Afterward ask him/her “Now what would you pay to watch this for the first time?” They will either give you a price or say “I just did watch it…. for free”

these next tips are only if people are REALLY in to your movie, recomended only for a school event or large club/oranization.

Now if you really go all out with adveritising, hand out flyers, put up posters. Tell friends to spread the word.

Want to go even more extream? Sell popcorn and beverages. Offer your audience to a spcial limited time contest give away of a copy of this DVD (be sure you somehow copyright it so they don’t go maiing copies and selling like you are)

Now after all this is done, you should be pretty happy, you got money, and you tuaght people about how to care for the envirnment, also whats happening in the world.


Community efforts against Global Warming are great ways to help out. They encourage other people to do the same with their friends and neighbors, so it’s kinda like a chain reaction. I think these projects are REALLY cool. I might have to try setting some up myself. Hope you like them too

Planet parade

The title makes it pretty obvious what you get to do here. Start a Parade about our planet Earth!

PLEASE NOTE: While Parading, PLEASE do not create a huge amount of noise. if you are going around the neighborhood in front of houses, be safe and stay on the sidewalk. Don’t scream and yell. If you are at a park, still do not chant like you are trying to yell to someone across the globe. Ask your parents before proceading with this.

What you will need

First you got to find some friends, ask them if they would like to participate. If they say yes then  have them find some more friends hep out and so on. Once you have a resonable amount of people have them create some posters to put up on telephone poles with the date of the parade and one for each of them to hold up in the air.

These posters can say things like:

“Stop Global Warming”

“Save the Polar Bear”

“No more pollution”

stuff like that, make sure these are decorated, but easy to read. Then get your entire group together, bring either a map or a peace of paper to write directions on. Decide your route and make sure with your parents that the chosen path is all good with them. Then Hang up posters around town. Make sure they have the date of the parade on them. I recommend doing this 1 or 2 weeks before the parade. Then make sure everyone has a least 1 picket sign.

Are you wondering why you have put up posters for this? Maybe some community members want to walk with you, but please HAVE AN ESCORT. A trusted Adult who will come along with you. Beware of Stranger Danger. And you might also want to stop along the way at some place with a lot of trees. Give a small oral report about the importance of trees. Or go to a place with some pollution, explain its dangers to the enviornment. People who aren’t apart of your parade might want to listen in.

When you finish your parade make sure eveyone ends up where they are soposed to be at, make sure everyone is thanked for particpating and that they all have a ride home, and get there safley.


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    These sound cool

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    The parade might be overdoing it in a way…but good ideas! I love this blog! 😉

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