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Well of course you are here for a summary of me, or my blog, or both!

-This blog is dedicated to the planet and it’s beautiful creatures-animals. Hopefully, it answers any questions you may have. The site is directed towards young adults and teenagers. WE are the future generation, and together WE can make a difference!


Hi everyone. Jduck9 here! First and foremost, I would like to thank those reading this for even scrolling down this far to read about me. Most girls my age are only interested in shopping and buying makeup and clothes. I’m not saying that I’m a complete tomboy, because I am not on any sports teams and I do wear makeup, but I love nature. Many girls will freak out if their shoe touches dirt, or if a butterfly lands on their shoulder! In total, only about 1/4 of kids in the average classroom are non-litterers. My goal by working on this blog is to make that fraction at least 3/4. because, as of right now, 3/4 of people litter. That it unacceptable! Think, if you keep littering, this earth will become an unnatural garbage disposal. And it already smells bad enough when you drive by a landfill! Okay, I started this out by talking about myself, and I got into a full-blown discussion about the earth. That should show you how much this means to me. Call me a tree-hugger if you wish, I will take it in pride! After all, I’ve been called worse. MUCH worse…So, anyways, please take the time to be courteous to your friendly planet today! :]

This Blog
This blog is all about saving the planet and its beautiful creatures-animals. Animals all around the world are horribly abused and mistreated. The posts and pages are more directed to the kids and teenager’s because I think those are the people we need to educate most (plus being a teenager myself makes it easier to communicate)! Of course all ages are welcome so don’t feel excluded.

And my current goal for this blog is getting 5,000 visits and at least 10 subscribers! After that I really want to hold a contest with some really cool prizes! I hope you can help me reach my goals!

I hope that everything on my blog answers your questionsor supports your own ideas on the world. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment with some constructive criticism in it. In fact I recomend that you do if you see something that is useless and should be taken away.




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    […] About – read first, lots of info on her and her mission. […]

  2. 2

    hey alice yeah not so organized home slice!!! =]] but thats why i lovers yoo! i cant wait till promotion! and i now ur ideas are great!

  3. 3

    Arshad said,

    nice to see you blog here Alice.Iam astonished by your interest in preventing global warming at such small age.keep it up 🙂

  4. 4

    tillirox said,

    My school has 200 kids

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