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As the title states this page will motivate you in to becoming active against Global Warming. Here you will find sad stories slide shows and pictures, things taking place this second to save the world, ideas and possibilities that may happen in the not-so-far-away future. And things that normal people can do to help out and make the biggest of differences. Please Watch All These Videos. read all these words. Behold each picture. And then know what you can do.

this first video isn’t really too motivational, but I would recomend you keep these possiblities in mind when you ever you think about global warming.

this video is pretty cool, it has a lot of information in it and its kinda sad. But I think you can handle it. So watch away

this next clip is a trailer to the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. The film is based on the effects on Global Warming, severe storms, intense weather conditions, and all that good stuff. I have seen the film in my science class last year and thought “Whoa, if this is an outcome of global warming, what is the worst case scenario?” SO i asked my teacher, she said that this movie was exaggerating what might happen, so it can happen, but not with THIS big an impact.

This next one is one of my favorites:

This video is a trailer for an upcoming film “Acid Test”

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  1. 1

    pinkstercp said,

    thx for the comment whats ur name on cp?

    CONGRATULATIONS DUDE! you are the first to EVER comment on this blog, probibly the first EVER to visit it too. I thank you VERY VERY much for this, to answer your question, my user name is
    Invisable 4u
    I usally go on the server freezer.
    Glad you visited my blog

  2. 2

    Rosie and Christopher said,

    Hey prez even though I do not like these kinda things this is pretty awesome. Keep working on it. Christopher says Hi. Well awesome job spaz. See you l8ter! Muah!

    Thanks guys i apperciate the visit. Even though you don’t really think the whole “Global Warming” thing is true, I think it’s awesome you came.
    Watch any videos? Ah, whatever, glad you two came.
    Thanks bunches
    Spaz125 (Prez)

  3. 3

    Your secret admirer said,

    wow you are amazing! I absoluteley agree with your whole global warming feelings. you are the bomb!
    Thanks, I appreciate the comment!! Be sure to come back later, I will have WAY more stuff. I am just hiding it until it has been perfected. Please visit again. GO GREEN.

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