Why Subscribe to my Posts?

This is a question asked by everyone who I have asked to do so. Well the honest answer is

For me to receive more blog visits.

Yeah I know, I’m selfish… But really consider this; If I get more visitor’s each and every day they will (and I am 75% sure about this) learn something valuable about Climate Change, they will take away something from here.
How does you subscribing to my posts help generate for visits? Well (and I have not the slightest idea on how this works) the more subscribers I get, the easier it is for search engines (like Google) to find me. So really (in a weird way) you are helping me advertise. This is good because it is all free (yes for both of us)
You are also the first to know of what my new post is.
How does this benefit you? Well what if i decide to hold a contest? You can take immediate action (depending on how fast you check your e-mails). If the contest only lasts 1 day, some people might not find out until the very last hour and be hopeless for the prize(s) that you now have the best chances of winning.
I also hope that I am providing the most excellent content I can for you, if not, please let me know. I will try and make sure every post has something new for you to learn, and that you enjoy reading my words.
I am also pretty easy to get in touch with; all you got to do is any of the following: comment, e-mail. Yes only 2 options, both are extremely easy for both of us to use. Just type and send,  simple as can be.
Honesty is everything (or something to that extent), and I will provide with the most solid facts about Global Warming. The only time I will lie is when you think I am giving a false statement in an opinion of mine.
So as a quick summary (ugh that reminds me so much of school)
Reasons to subscribe to my posts:
1. to be (one of) the first to know when my post comes out
2. help others easily find my blog (without you having to even think about it)
3. simple to get in touch with when you have questions, comments, or concerns
4. And honesty is a priority of mine. I will give you the utmost truth when I post. Unless it is an opinion you disagree with I will always be truthful.

Well I think those are some pretty good reasons for subscribing to my posts. Don’t you? All you got to do is click “Subscribe to my posts via e-mail” in the upper right hand corner of this blog.

Thank you so much


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  1. 1

    Jduck9 said,


  2. 2

    tjkfbi13 said,

    Can I help advertise?

  3. 3

    Taylor said,

    Hey I will total suscribe!

  4. 4

    Taylor said,

    Can I help in anyway?

  5. 5

    spaz125 said,

    Of course you can! We could use all the help be can get! Thanks, tjk! 😀

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