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Well I decided to create this page because a very helpful person has recommend I create one. So here you will be able to get some different ways to contact the coolourglobe team:


If you have something small to say please submit it to us in the form of a comment, getting e-mails saying things like “Good job” or “you spelled this wrong” is a waste of time for the both of us.
Comments can contain anything! Good, bad, or suggestions, even concerns.
To post a comment just scroll down, you should see a box for you to type in, when your done just press “Submit Comment”. It may not appear right away, the CoolOurGlobe team needs to approve it before it can be viewed by anyone else.


E-mails are for things that you might want to keep private between you and I, or really anything you believe shouldn’t be shared with the public; if it is an important document,  it should be submitted through e-mail. I only check this e-mail every other day so don’t expect an immediate response:


You can also reach us on the “Cool the Globe Forums“, all you got to do is register and send me a Private Message, if you don’t know how you can check out the “forum tutorial” section. My user name is:

Here you can send me anything from a short message of “hello” to “an important document”. So this is sort of similar to both an e-mail and leaving a comment!
Plus, I check this very often! More than once a day! So please feel free to sign up on the forums!


Yes indeed, we have a youtube channel with tons of great videos! Right Here you can check out the channel, leave comments, send private messages, and talk to us about videos! And just to let you know, we ALWAYS subscribe back to you, and accept all friend invites! We check our YouTube account often, so it is a great way to contact us!


We will tweet messages about new posts and special contests or events that only our twitter followers can find out about. Following us would definitely give you an edge to any current contests we’re having! You can send us private messages on there as well, and check out who we’re following and find even more green people out there! And like youtube and our subscribers, we’ll always follow you back! We check our twitter a few times a week, so it’s an ok-ish way to get in touch with us.

Well those are the only ways to contact us (for mow). I hope this helped anyone who wanted to get in touch with coolourglobe!




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    cpbetatrackers said,

    Ok cool!

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