Celebrities Stepping out of the Shade

*On this page, you will find many of today’s celebs talking about the little things they do every day to make a difference in the environment. They are little baby steps toward a big reward; little baby steps that everyone can do.*

“We live in a world where we can get anything we want, anyplace, anytime. And the faster we get it, the better. Wanna make a phone call? Speed dial. Wanna send a thank-you card? E-mail. Wanna go to the store right around the corner? Get in the car. Our world is becoming so convenient that we take it for granted. 

I’ve seen people drinking water out of plastic bottles and then not recycling them. That’s infuriating. I know it’s faster to just throw it in the garbage. But if you’re going to buy water individually bottled for your convenience, then all I say is, take the time and put it in the can marked ‘Recycle’. It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference.

People don’t realize how little it takes to change our world for the better. Here’s something I didn’t know: I thought that all the oil in our oceans was caused by tanker spills. It’s not. I learned that twenty-four million out of the twenty-nine million gallons of oil that go into North America’s oceans every year are caused by human activities. Twenty-four million gallons of oil!!! That’s crazy!!! I usually use it by the tablespoon. What happens is we pour cooking oil into our sinks, top off our gas tanks, and hose down grease from our cars into storm drains, then it goes into our oceans.

We can fix that. Put your cooking oil into a container and throw it in the garbage. Don’t top off your gas tank. Use drip pans when you work on your car, and take used oil and anti-freeze to recycling centers. These are things we can do every day to help.” 

~ Ellen DeGeneres

“Our girls are very involved in recycling. Maggie, our eight-year-old, even wrote on the trash bin: ‘Please recycle here, thank you!’

It all started when Zeny, a friend of ours, visited us from San Francisco. She absolutely got us into shape on recycling. She was constantly reminding us that there was no other option. She’d tear apart boxes and even separate our garbage. When you’re exposed to that level of teaching, it’s something you never forget. And trust me, if anyone forgets, one of the girls is there to remind us: Recycle! They’re like the mini-police! They separate their own glass bottles and cans. They even wash out their milk bottles and put things away! It’s really amazing. If there is a carton on the counter, it doesn’t stay there! It immediately gets put into into the recycle bin. Recycling is also a great way to keep things clean!

You don’t have to change the way you live to recycle. It really isn’t all that big of a commitment. It’s more about just being conscious of your own waste. When you see what a difference recycling makes in your house, you can imagine how big of an impact it has on the world. 

And it all goes back to that little instruction written on your trash bin…”

~ Faith Hill and Tim McGraw 

“That water you just wasted could have saved over 20 dying kids in Africa.”

~ Anonymous Source from PEOPLE MAGAZINE

“My approach to living  green is keeping it all simple. Be mindful of the impact your actions leave behind, take responsibility for your actions, and have respect for the world around you. As you well know, I’m all about making people look gorgeous. If we work together on making sure we do all the right things, we can make this planet look gooooooood. I’m not a green expert like a lot of people out there, but I have heard a few simple tips…take short showers, turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth, use a water filter instead of drinking bottled water, and flush only when necessary. I have to admit, that last one is pretty gross, but, hey, little things make a big difference! All the girls in the AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL house can tell you that nothing makes me crazier than wasting resources! I’m not saying you have to go all out and be a total hippie or a tree-hugger, but if you want to, let your freak-flag fly! What’s key is to care about yourself, care about your family, care about your friends, and care about the world. Everything comes full circle.”

~ Tyra Banks


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