Green Works

If you haven’t seen the advertisements already then congratulations! Your about to receive your first look at “Green Works” home cleaning products!
We all know that when it comes to cleaning up your bathroom, kitchen, and other frequently messy areas, that using harsh chemicals and super intense cleaning products is no fun. But you want to have a clean home for your family and also want it to be eco-friendly? Well you can’t get both with the traditional around the house cleaners now can you?

You need Green Works! They have developed a natural cleaning and groundbreaking product that you’ll love. And becuase it comes from Clorox you get the same outstanding results Clorox is known for! Clorox’s “GreenWorks” products are 99% natural but still pack a punch when it comes to keeping your home fresh and clean.

Green Works has all of the tools you will need to keep your entire home clean: All-purpose cleaners, toilet blow cleaners, dish soap, window/glass cleaners, and even wipes!

But don’t take it from us, you can check out the GreenWorks website to get all the information you need on all the products your looking for. Just go to
and click around.

Thanks! And happy cleaning!



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The Conversation Part 2

Many of you have already viewed the first episode in our mini series “The Conversation”. Where 2 adorably penguins discuss why and why not to go green! We have completed the second episode and can’t wait to hear what you think:

What did you think? Like it? Hate it? Tell us what you think here on the blog and also on YouTube! Tell us what you have to say about the conversation or whose side your on! We’d also love you hear what you want us to put in The Convo Part 3. Just send us an e-mail (see contact info for further information), or leave a comment!

Thank you so much!


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Rescue the Rainforest–Trop50

Trop50 is the latest and greatest orange juice by the company Tropicana. It is said to have the same orange juice taste with 50% less sugar and calories. Trop50 is teaming up with Cool Earth in an attempt to save or poor planet and its rainforest.

Did you know that half of the world’s tropical rainforest have disappeared, leaving most amphibian, bird, and other animal species threatened with extinction? 

Picture 226“Rainforest is disappearing fast and causing our climate to change. Together with Cool Earth, Tropicana aims to save thousands of acres of rainforest and protect our future.” Help them win this special race and buy some orange juice! 

Have a “cool day”!  🙂


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Send It On

By now you’ve heard about the group of Disney channel kids that got together and wrote a song about change right? Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez have written a song called “Send It On” all about how we can all change the world by doing small acts of kindness and teaming up to accomplish big things. Even all the Disney Channel stars getting together and doing this represents the message! Think about it, they all write a ton of music and at one point they have to get a little competitive, but teaming up to write a song? Man that can be a big deal! So without further delay here is the official music video and lyrics (lyrics can be found in the video description on youtube):

Great video huh? I know that all of us and also none of us are fans of these Disney Channel stars but you gotta admit that the video was a tad touching right? Some may be thinking “yeah they just wrote a ‘touching’ song to make a huge heap of cash!” well not really, 100% of the profits from the song go to environmental charities through the world wide Disney Conservation Fund! cool huh? So break in that iTunes gift card and buy it!
To me the song meant that if you want to change something then you have to start out small with little acts of kindness and work your way up with your pals! Then once your on a roll you gotta spread the word and ‘send it on’ right? Well thats just my opinion.
And now I’d like to hear what you thought of the song? Good? Bad? What did the message mean to you? How will you ‘send it on’? Leave a comment!


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New YouTube Video

Hey all! I whipped up this video right before school starts to satisfy for need for videos! So I present to you “The Converstation”

And yes, that is my voice. So now that you’ve watched the video I want to hear what you think about it! Leave a comment here or on youtube becuase I love feedback as much as I love my kitty cat! And also be sure to vote in the poll to determine who sits upon the thumb-tack in the next video:

If you picked “Mooses” then Bartholemew (The penguin with a mo-hawk) will be the one who sits on the thumb tack, if you pick “Sticky Notes” Then Izzy will sit upon the thumbtack! And if you pick other you must leave a comment of some random item for one of the penguins to sit on (I will choose which penguin sits on the random item you choose)!



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Cool Our Globe Goes Back To School

Unfortunately the school year has arrived and Jduck and I won’t be able to be on our computers as much because we really need to focus during the school year. Over the summer we have composed some posts to use during the school year so we don’t have to compromise our studies. Sadly, this means less posts and activity here on Cool Our Globe .com.
We have agreed to publish  1 post per month so we don’t run out often. Maybe if one of us is on holiday we will write up a new post to break up the 1 post per month routine. We do apologize for the upcoming lack of posts but school is very, very important to both Jduck and I and we feel that our education comes before blogging.
This all goes for Cool Our Globe’s YouTube Channel, Twitter, and even the Cool Our Globe e-mail. We will begin to hold back  on how many videos, and tweets we publish because making videos takes up a bunch of our time and the tweets wouldn’t be very interesting.
ALSO, I strongly advise for everyone who is even the tiniest bit interested in our posts, to subscribe to them via e-mail using feedburner (just click the bright green rectangle up top). We can tell you right now that the posts will not be exactly 1 month apart and we really don’t want to waste your time by having you check back a bunch, only to find the same old post.

Again, we really are sorry we have to cut back the blogging time and hope you understand.
Thanks everyone! Stick with us ok?


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Environmentaly Safe Autobots?

Well we all know the second Transformers movie “Revenge of the fallen” has been out for a while, but I have recently learned from one of my friends that there are indeed some Eco-Friendly Autobots (AND they’re the good guys ;))!!!

Here’s what my friend sent me!

“Jolt: an Autobot that turns in to a Chevrolet Volt. He is described as a troublemaker and a bit of a snob but loves to battle decepticons. He seems to have a fondness of Earth’s nature and a habit of saving energy explaining why he chose an eco-friendly car as a disguise.

Prowl: A Autoobot who is very fond of Nature and it’s surroundings. He is in fact a vegetarian as shown in “Human Error Part 1” when he is thought to be turned in to a human.

I just thought these might be a bit of an enjoyment to ya since you are all about Cooling the Globe and the fact that you are a bit fond of Transformers!”

And if I got either of the photos wrong please let me know (I don’t want to feel like a dork ;))
Thank you “Soundwave”! And yes I am a little bit of a transformers fan. If you know a transformers fan yourself I highly encoruage you send this to them! How? Well copy and paste duh! But, I would really apperciate it if you put my URL ( along in there as well ;).


Thanks again!





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