Break The Habit!

This is for everyone and anyone who wants to add “use less energy” to their new year’s resolution list!
You already know there are a bunch of energy sucking habbits we have like leaving the water running while we brush our teeth, not taking cell phone charger’s out of the wall outlet while not in use; all of that has GOT to stop! And not just to “cool our globe” but to save you some extra cash each month of that electricity bill! So I have compiled a list of habbits and how to break them.
First thing you ought to know is that breaking or getting in to the habbit of doing something takes about 30 days give or take a bit. So you have got to stay committed from day 1! Alright let’s get started:

Cell Phone Charger.
Now a days almost everyone has a cell phone! I’ve even seen 6-7 year olds running around with cell phones! Crazy right? Well I recently got my first cell phone for my birthday and first thing I had to do was pop in the battery and charge up right? It took about an hour and a half and when I was done, guess what? I left the charger in the wall outlet! The next time I needed to charge my phone I thought immedietly “I cannot let this become a habbit!”. So now I never leave the charger in the wall and here’s some tips for those who do:

  • Leave a message on your phone in the form of a ‘banner’ saying something along the lines of ‘unplug the charger’ or anything similar. This way when your phone’s all charged up you can open it and be reminded to do so!
  • Most people unplug the cord from the phone first, maybe you should try unplugging the charger from the wall first?
  • If you text (most of us do) ask a good pal to tell you to unplug the entire charger each time you tell them “hey I gtg soon. battery’s dying”
  • You can also do the above tip with e-mailing and IM if you have either of those on your phone!

And not only do we leave cell phone charger’s plugged in. But for kid’s with game boy’s and nintendo DS’s, cameras, really anything that needs to be charged up from time to time! The tips above can work too!

Leaving the Water Running
Alot of people do it, and alot don’t. I am glad that I never leave the water running while I brush my teeth each morning and night! I mean think for a second how much water you’ll use if you left that sink running each and every time you go to brush your teeth! It’s even worse if you brush your teeth a lot during the day; like every time you eat something! So here’s some tips:

  • Most, if not all, of us have a mirror in front of them when the brush those pearly whites right? Well grab a sticky note, preferrably a big bright one, and write on it in black ink “TURN OFF THE WATER!!!”. Anything that will get your attention.
  • If you and a friend both have this nasty habbit, and happen to text/call each other then every morning when you go to brush your teeth tell the other person to turn off the water! And have them do the same. It’ll be easier to break a habbit if you have a buddy by your side… or well… texting you.
  • I’ve heard about these special faucets you can get that limit the water flow but you can’t really notice. I reccomend you get one of these if you simply just can’t not turn off the water. Or just get one and start turning off the water to reduce your water use even further! I’m sure you can pick one up at a hardware store like home depot or something.

Not Flipping The Switch
This is a big one. A ton of people will leave a room for a long period of time and leave the lights on. I’m really really intense about this with my family becuase it means a bunch of wasted electricity and more money out of my folks pockets (which doesn’t make them too pleasant to be around). My brother does this all the time during the school year! I can’t count how many time’s I’ve walked up stairs lugging my backback behind me to find that he left the lights on since earlier this morning when we went to catch the bus. I try not to give him a hard time about it but I slip occasionaly. So here’s some tips for all you people like my brother:

  • Make it your job to go around the entire house and check each and every light switch before you leave the house. Double check any lights that you tend to use the most.
  • Last person to leave the house is responsible for any lights that are left on. When the bill comes it’s money out of their pocket. Don’t let it be you!
  • Put sticky notes on all the light switches that remind you to flip the switch (use common sense and only put notes on lights that are used. For example I’m not going to put a note on the switch in the guest room! No one is ever in there!)
  • set a reminder on your phone (if you have the capability).

Give It a Rest!
Tons of people (like myslef) spend a bunch of time on the computer, weather it’s for school entertainment, or work! But when we need to go somewhere or do something that takes us away from the screen for a while we tend to just leave the machine running. With today’s fast-paced life we don’t have the time to shut down the whole computer only to have to fire it back up again after a while! We need it to be ready to go when we are, so we just leave it sitting. What we should be doing is putting it on ‘sleep’ mode. This is when the computer is still on and ready to go but in a state where it uses less energy than when normally running. Less power used = less money to pay! How can you get in the habbit of putting your computer to sleep?

  • Open up any program that allows you to type. Microsoft Word, MS Paint, even the ‘notepad’ program already installed on most computers! Before you do whatever you need to on the computer open up one of those programs and type something like “put it on sleep”, this way you’ll always have a reminder!
  • Sticky Note Time! Leave a sticky note somewhere nearby the screen, if your on the go and using a laptop put it by the mouse pad
  • if your getting online to IM a friend then have them tell you to put your computer on sleep each time you say “brb” or “gtg 4 a minute”. And you can do the same!

The Super Showers.
A whole bunch of us are very bad at limiting our shower time. Some of us even take a whole hour to shower (diggin the rhymes?)! I, unfortuneatley, take about 25 to 35 minutes to shower. I want my shower time to be reduced to 10 minutes at the most! I went to a summer camp with my cosuin one year and each girl was limited to a 2 minute shower. So I was thinking how to get as clean as I could using up only the two minutes. Before jumping in the shower I began to put shampoo in my hair and lather it up! I ended up knowing that 2 minutes was longer than it sounds. So now I have some tips for those of you who like to take long showers:

  • Have a stopwatch? If so great! Have an iPod (most of them have a stopwatch feature)? Super! Time yourself next time you shower, then try and cut it down each time!
  • Set an alarm to go off at a certine time. If you begin to shower at 8pm then set the alarm for 8:20 letting you know to finish up. Set the time shorter as needed.
  • Take a bath! Some people don’t like the idea of soaking in the same water for a long period of time but hey, if your up for it do it! Taking a bath will use less water than if you shower.
  • Set a time limit for yourself to shower. Then have a friend or family member time you with a stop watch. If you go over your time limit you owe them 50 cents, if you go under your time limit they owe you 50 cents. Do this for about a month or so (and ajust the price if you’d like) or until you get in the habbit of shorter showers.

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  1. 1

    KT said,

    good ideas – luckily i am not one who leaves the water running a lot, but my brothers do – i will tell them all of your wonderful suggestions . . .
    also, the phone charger thing was interesting. i didn’ realize how much enegy i was wasting by leaving it plugged it – i will unplug it RIGHT NOW!

  2. 2

    spaz125 said,

    Yeah leaving the charger in the wall sucks energy like you wouldn’t believe! Just because the phone isn’t in the other end, doesn’t mean the electricity doesn’t stop flowing through the charger. And thanks so much for passing the word along! You’ve no idea what that means to us!

  3. 3

    Cutemaddie5 said,

    I spend a lot of time on the computer for my own stupid purposes lol.

    FYI: You misspelled Habit 😉

    Luv ya,


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