Ideas for Living a Greener New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And congratulations to you all, we’ve made it to 2010! Happy decade! 🙂 Now here’s a list of 2010 things you can do to kick off the new year and be green! Okay, just kidding, not THAT many tips! Only 50 tips today, because Jduck and I are too lazy to write 2010 green tips. 😉 

  • Start a recycling bucket in your garage/kitchen
  • Do a monthly neighborhood trash pickup walk with friends
  • Tell your friends about this website!
  • Join our Forums!
  • Switch lightbulbs to fluorescents
  • Start putting your computer on ‘sleep’ when not in use
  • Begin using organic products
  • Start your own Go Green Blog!
  • Email us some green suggestions
  • Start a garden
  • Put bird feeders around the exterior of your home
  • Follow us on twitter for green tips
  • Watch our green videos on youtube
  • Recycle your junk mail
  • unplug chargers in the wall outlets when not in use
  • Use lunch bags/boxes not brown bags
  • Paper or plastic? Neither get a re-useable bag!
  • Make a Green Chores list for yourself and family each week
  • Don’t leave the refrigerator door open so long
  • Turn lights off as you leave a room
  • Leave your iPod on ‘hold’ or turn it off, to save batteries
  • Take shorter showers (try and cut back each one by 2 minutes)
  • Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth
  • Turn off any stereo’s when you leave a room
  • Try and cut back on using hair driers, they suck a lot of energy
  • Don’t talk on your home or cell phone so much.
  • Don’t text all the time either.
  • Put your cellphone on ‘lock’ when not in use, but when you need it on
  • Put a reminder on your phone to unplug the charger from the wall when your phone is done charging
  • Use a dish washer rather than hand washing your dishes. You’ll save more water
  • Are you old fashioned? Like Sending snail mail? Well switch over to email! Faster, better and more effecicant!
  • Suggest to your company/school about recycling paper
  • Cut down on your text time to save batteries
  • You know those little tabs you use to open soda cans? Well those can be recycled too!
  • Got some new clothes for Christmas? Well don’t throw out the old ones! Give them to goodwill or use them as craft material
  • Finish that Sudoku/word search? Well be sure to recycle it!
  • Done with the Sunday paper? RECYCLE IT!
  • Plan on buying someone a CD as a late Christmas Present? Well save some plastic and get em an iTunes card
  • Have a cat? Maybe start a catnip patch in your garden!
  • Hear about those new digitalized books? That little piece of plastic you can carry 100 books in? Buy one to save some paper and space!
  • Start saving up to buy some solar pannles
  • Whenever you have a class project due, put it on disc rather than paper
  • Don’t us “Air Freshener’s” they only fill your home with chemicals! Open some windows
  • Don’t buy mechanical pencils, alot of plastic goes into those pencils and lead cases
  • No one watching TV or listening to that music? Well shut it off!
  • Try not to use disposable dinner wear at parties
  • Why pay for a gym membership when you can exsercise AND get your shopping done?!
  • Participate in this years Earth Hour
  • Time to update the art supplies? But crayons made from soy, not petroleum and wax
  • Knot together the ends of a dish towel or rag and you have an elegant gift wrapping!
  • Extra plastic bags lying around? Turn them into trash bags!

(By the way. Each underlined tip/resolution is for every 10 things… just helped us make sure we had exactly 50!)

Thanks for your continuous support! You know that it is MORE than greatly appreciated! 🙂


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