Merry Christmas! And Contest!

In the spirit of the wonderful Holiday we’re making it snow here on! We also wanted to let you know of one of our first ever contests! It’s a media contest and here’s how it works:

You create a piece of media for the blog, something like a poem, or video, animation, story, essay, piece of music, or picture (any piece of media) related to Global Warming, or going green. Then submit it to us via email ( and we will select the top 3 (based on the amount of entries). If you win you’ll get a whole blog post about your fantastically brilliant website, youtube channel, or whatever URL you’d like us to advertise for you! And guess what? This blog gets at least 4-7 hits each day, maybe 16-20 at most on a good day. So no matter what your website will be seen by our blog’s viewers!
We’ll even tweet about it the whole time the post is up! We’ll also make announcements on our youtube channel, and we’ll let our Forumers know as well! Why give out all this free publicity? Well we appreciate all the visits you’ve all given us and we’re giving some back! So have at it and start creating your Green Media! The contest ends on the 3rd of January so you best get a jump on it now!



NOTE: if you would like your work to be placed in the “Fan Submitted Artwork” page, please let us know when you submit your entry. If requested, your media will be placed there whether you win or lose. And all participants will be mentioned.


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