2012 The Movie

If you haven’t already heard there is an epic adventure film coming out on Friday the 13th about the supposed “End of Earth” on the proposed date of December 12th, 2012. Some believe that this date does mark the end of our beautiful planet, others seem unsure, and some are absolutely sure nothing at all could happen. As for myself, I fall somewhere in the middle, not too sure which is side is right. Of course no matter what we believe we’re all hoping for the best: nothing. And I’d like to graduate highschool before the end of Earth soooo yeah.
Anyway, I found a preview on YouTube for the movie and ever since I saw it I’ve been dying to see it! No matter what you think will or won’t happen on that mysterious date, you should still go see the film. It looks like a real adventure thriller type, and if you are a fan of explosions and destruction, this was made with you in mind. Check it out:

Tell me what you think of the movie in a comment, and if you think the world really MIGHT end on that date. Will you see the movie? Why or why not? Let us know!





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