Send It On

By now you’ve heard about the group of Disney channel kids that got together and wrote a song about change right? Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez have written a song called “Send It On” all about how we can all change the world by doing small acts of kindness and teaming up to accomplish big things. Even all the Disney Channel stars getting together and doing this represents the message! Think about it, they all write a ton of music and at one point they have to get a little competitive, but teaming up to write a song? Man that can be a big deal! So without further delay here is the official music video and lyrics (lyrics can be found in the video description on youtube):

Great video huh? I know that all of us and also none of us are fans of these Disney Channel stars but you gotta admit that the video was a tad touching right? Some may be thinking “yeah they just wrote a ‘touching’ song to make a huge heap of cash!” well not really, 100% of the profits from the song go to environmental charities through the world wide Disney Conservation Fund! cool huh? So break in that iTunes gift card and buy it!
To me the song meant that if you want to change something then you have to start out small with little acts of kindness and work your way up with your pals! Then once your on a roll you gotta spread the word and ‘send it on’ right? Well thats just my opinion.
And now I’d like to hear what you thought of the song? Good? Bad? What did the message mean to you? How will you ‘send it on’? Leave a comment!



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