PollDaddy Ratings!

Ok, first off we got zero entries for the “post of the month contest” :(. But we’re moving on!
If you are a wordpress blogger like myself, then you might have already heard that we have a new ratings system from PollDaddy.com! For those who don’t know, I’ll fill you in. The new ratings systems enables you, the readers, to give us bloggers positive or negitive feedback on things like posts, comments, and pages. This gives us a good idea of what you all like, and dislike, and what we should start changing up or keeping the same. Here are some screen shots for those who still don’t quite understand how our rating system will work:

ratings 1


ratings 2

And becuase Jduck and I aim to please here at COG.com, we will ask you guys what you’d rather have: The hands? Or the Stars? And just to let you know if the ‘hands’ win Jduck and I are able to change the images to something else. Say, a cow, or a smiley face, or a tooth-pick! Anything we want! But if the stars win they don’t have to be blue. They come with some options as well. We can make the stars Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, or Gray… Think about it.

Alrighty now that that’s all squared away, Jduck and I look very forward to the good/bad feedback. Don’t hold back got it? We want to make coolourglobe.com the best it can be and these ratings will help us tons, but only if you make them!

Thanks so much! Check back soon to see the new ratings system!



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