The Final YouTube Poll (#8)

We’ve reached the ends my friends! The final poll has arrived! And you get to determine weather you want me, Spaz125, to talk in the videos! “What? How is this possible?!?!”. Well all I do is plug my Guitar Hero (world tour) microphone in to the USB spot on my computer, open my sound record and I’m all set! Very simple and loads of fun! AND with this being the final poll, Judck and I decided we can’t want any longer, we just HAVE to begin posting some videos! So we’re losing the ‘deadline’ idea and putting videos up as soon as we can! Which means by the time you read this we already have a few up!

Alright. Make sure you click here  to visit my you tube channel. I recommend you subscribe so you can always know when the freshest video has been uploaded. Also. Tell your friends about this. No not the polls. The blog! Jduck and I would immensely appreciate it!

Well my cat is begging me for food so I got to go!




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