A Green Summer

With the warm weather fully unfurled, you’ve got some free time and some hot days before you. That means some time to go to the beach, use your pool, rent a condo, host a BBQ, whatever…You’re just not so sure your summer vacation is looking and feeling its greenest. So let’s get our sunscreen on and get down to business! 

GREENIE BIKINI    You don’t have to go as far as attaching a solar panel to your swimsuit, but at least try to make sure your swimsuit is made of recycled or organic material. 

WET AND WISE    This summer, do your best to save water. Many cities in America are experiencing major droughts and water shortages. Be certain to only water your dear plants when necessary and DON’T put the heater on in the pool (it’s already warm enough)! Also, don’t forget to take short showers and baths this summer! 

CAR POOL   We know you’ll be traveling alot this summer and most of it will probably be by car! Try and take as few vehicles as possible, or if your family owns quite a few cars try and take the most fuel efficient, okay? This isn’t just for vacation traveling either. Carpool while grocery shopping, and all that jazz!


I’m sure you guys get what I’m saying! But in the meantime, post a comment with your own green Summer ideas! You know we love hearing from you!

Have a great day,




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