YouTube Poll #5

I trust everyone had a fun filled and safe 4th of July? Please let me know if you used any of my tips in the last post. Alright then, #5 is here and is all about my ‘video schedual’. My video schedule is pretty much how often I’m going to upload videos. By now you’ve seen the options and let me tell you that option 1 is just about as likley to happen as me filming the videos with a video camera. But, who knows? Keep in mind while voting that the length of time you suggest to me also determines how “good” each video is. The more time I have to make videos the better quality they’ll have. This is another reason option 1 isn’t too great. Alot happens in 1 week (school, family, friends, etc…) so the videos might turn out cruddy… just something to think about…

Thanks to all voters! You have officially help set my ‘video schedual’!



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