YouTube Poll #4

Woo-Hoo! Poll Number 4 out of 8 total is here! halfway done guys! Also, make sure you click here to view poll #3 because that one didn’t receive much attention and has been asking me to feed it more votes! OK, poll number 4 deals with the length of each video. This is a big decider of what goes in the videos. For example: If I just want to demonstrate how the greenhouse effect works in a brief manner then it might only take 2 minutes or so. But if you all prefer the videos to be 4-7 minutes then I will go in to detail about it and maybe add more things to it.

OK, next one is obviously number 5 so I hope you constantly check back often to get your opinions out there in the open! Thanks so much to all you voters out there! You Rock!!!

Thanks again,



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  1. 1

    Daneo said,

    Hi Its me Daneo from WweAdams forum nice blog i love it! it has so many good ideas! i just love this blog jduck and spaz.

  2. 2

    spaz125 said,

    Thanks! We really really love comments like this and we’re glad all our efforts dont go to waste! Thanks for visiting and come back with friends k? 😉

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