How To Make A Fishing Pole!

Just a quick shout out to Corwo, one of our many readers – Hey Corwo!!!! A while back, Corwo came up with the idea for this post! He thought it would be a very fun craft that would bring him one step closer in his connection to nature. 

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Now, to make a fishing pole with a stick and some string! First, find a long, slender stick. But be careful! Make sure it’s strong enough- and make sure you’re strong enough to hold it up!

Second, get some string. (Silly String is NOT recommended!) It doesn’t really matter what you use, as long as it’s close to or similar to string. It can be anything from yarn to actual fishing line! I’m not suggesting you go pull out pieces of grass (that wouldn’t be very eco-friendly), but just find some string.

After you find your string, tie it around the top of the stick. Then, try to find some bait to attach to the bottom of the string.

“but how would I reel in the fishies?” you ask? Well don’t make the string too long, this way when you get a bite you just pull straight up and bring that sucker to shore!
REMEMBER!!! Make sure you look for signs around that might prohibit fishing, we wouldn’t want you getting in to any trouble!

“Pshaw, how would this be a way to be ‘green?'” you might inquire? Well to tell the truth this is in no way going green… physically. Physiologically, it can bring you closer to nature. It is a great way to relax which is a good way to relive stress, clear your mind, solve a problem you may be having, and just appreciate nature!
I also reccomend while on your fishing expedition that you bring a trash bag or something in case you come upon some trash that didn’t make it to the garbage can. And to collect any cool things you find!

Are you ready to go on a fishing adventure?! I sure am! Let’s do it!!!!

*For those of you 12 or younger, please have a parent or guardian standing by*



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