Have a Green 4th of July

Well most of us are already on summer vacation and if not it’s just around the corner! One of everyone’s favorite summer holidays is the 4th of July! The day we celebrate America’s independence, filled with BBQ’s, friends, family, photo’s, and fireworks! But with our economy still not-so-great we are always trying to find ways to save money. Good news! You can save money AND be green at the same time! Check out these tips to make your 4th of July green  as can be!

  • Inviting friends over? Well instead of sending them the colorful card in an envelope send them an e-mail! Saves you time, and you can spell check! Also a great money saver!
  • Even if you have a big house, built for parties, try celebrating outside and give your AC some time to cool off.
  • Everything tastes better when it’s grilled right? Well instead of using the regular charcoal, ask someone at the store where the organic or natural lump brands of charcoal can be found.
  • Have a natural gas grill? Good for you, these are the greenest way to grill! So grill on!
  • Fruit and veggies are a big deal on the 4th, find out where you can buy locally grown produce and support your community!
  • Try to avoid plastic disposable plates and utensils. Invest in some recyclable plates, forks, ect.
  • The 4th of July is a great excuse to plant a tree!

Doing at least 3 of these things will make a big difference! Make sure you tell your friends about this post so we can all make a bigger difference. Travel safe ok guys?



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