Paper Or Plastic?

There are many decisions we have to make every single day. But with all the “go green” and Global Warming talk we want to be more causious about our choices, and make sure that they are environmentaly friendly. Some questions are a bit difficult to answer. So I’ve compilded a list of a bunch of questions you’ll run in to often and show you the correct choice to make.

Question Number 1.
Paper or Plastic?

Well paper of course… right? Well yeah paper bags have some great qualities like being able to be recycled, re useable, and you can make text book covers out of them! Well it has some cons too, like how many trees are gobbled up to make those bags.
Then there’s plastic, it’s durable, it’s stretch-able, it’s great for keeping breakables nice and protected if you moving! But the resources used to make plastic bags aren’t tbagoo swell…

Reuseable Bags!

These bags are great for gocery shopping, even shopping anywhere! The mall, garage sales, and amusement parks too! Most of these bags are made of great materials that have little to no negitive effect on the environment during production. The fabrics are super durable, and these bags will last you for years to come! Most stores (like Walmart) offer bags like these for you to use again and again. Make sure next time your at the checkout, to ask for a reuseable bag got it?

Question Number 2.
Paper Plates or Dishes?

Well with summer coming up there’s bound to be pool and BBQ parties galore! Which means food food food, which leads to the question, paper plates or dishes? Most of us tend to lean toward the paper plate option becuase of the ease of dissposing of them, and the fact that no one has dish duty that night. But dishes can be much more formal, re-used thousands of time, and no throwing away! But for every use means a run through the dishwasher which uses a fair amount of water. So which is greener?

Dish Washer!dishwasher

Surprise surprise! The dish washer is a much greener choice for your family meals then the paper plates. And nowadays dishwashers are much more earth-friendly like the EnergyStar brand. “But what if I’m going on a picnic?” you ask? Well there is a greay brand of paper plates made from recycled materials called EarthShell! But then the question “Should I hand wash my dishes or throw em’ in the dishwasher?” may arise. And the answer to that may surpirse you when I say Throw Em’ In The Dishwasher!!! Why? Well when hand washing your dishes you will use 20 gallons of water on average while your dishwasher may only use 12-13 gallons all depending on what dishwasher you use!

Take the Bus or the Car?

Many of us live in the city and tend to travel in our own personal vehicals. The mode of transportation that we know as the automobile is a great way to get around, and depending on how many MPG your car gets will determine how many times you stop for gas and how much of an impact your making on our planet. Today we have Hybrids, cars that run on electricity and gas, cutting down on our impact. Hybrids can get a bit pricy and with our sturggling ecomomy not too many people are excited to go and invest in one.
But theres alwasy the bus right? Only about 50 cents to ride and you don’t have to drive! But, depending on how well kept the bus is can mean the difference between a good ride and a terrible one. It’s use is for the public who can treat it how they want usually without thinking about it’s other passengers. So it may not be pleasent. But what about it’s carbon emissions?  I’m guessing about 2-6 MPG which isn’t very cool… So our solution?

The Bus!

The bus may not get great gas mile-age but they usually stay within the local city making them easy to come across, easy to maintain and the cost to ride (depending on your destination) is dirt cheap! It’s also like a super huge carpool, most busses can take about 50 people around town! 1 bus or 45-50 cars? I choose the bus.

1 bus 50 cars


Your Turn!

I have come up with some questions, some you have heard before, some you knew the answer to. But now I want YOU to ask me a question. I want you to leave your question in the form of a comment and I will add it to this post if it’s a grand question worth answering! I NEED you guys to leave some questions ok? It’d really make the post more interesting and fun!



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  1. 1

    Corwo said,

    Please make a post on how to make a fishing pole with a stick & yarn/strongstring! Just an idea!

  2. 2

    spaz125 said,

    Hey Corwo! Thanks for the comment! Jduck9 and I will do our best to research that topic and make a post.

    -Jduck9 (speaking for Spaz125)

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