Catalina’s Cherry Cove!

Hey guys, I just got back from Catalina Island yesterday and I just have to tell you about it! First and for-most you should know I went with my entire eighth grade class and we stayed in Cherry Cove. We did a bunch of fun things like snorkeling, kayaking, exploring a small mine, and at the end of it all, an environmental awareness program!The staff at Cherry cove were really “green” people! They had a zero waste policy at meal time (because they have to ship trash off the island which costs money and fuel), and were very, very strict about leaving trash on the ground and in the tent sites. They also were very educated of the marine life. Every single fish, crab, crustacean, and jelly fish could be easily identified!


Now we get to my favorite part! The environmental awareness program! Woo-Hoo! What we did is go in to this really big circular tent and sit around the walls of it. Joel (Our counselor) would start counting us in to groups based on the number he gave us. I was a 3 so I went on the blue side. Then our groups were given a card which had a scenario for us to play out: We are living in a small town with a lake and forest, but a big surf board industry wants to move in. Then at the top of our card we were to either be “for” the big industry or “against”. Luckily I was against it so I stayed put on the blue carpet.
My group consisted of most all of my friends so that was cool. We were told to start designing our town on a white board which already had a river, lake, and forest drawn out. After that we were to discuss within our groups some points why we should or shouldn’t let this big surf board industry move in to our town, then we can debate and argue our points against the other group.
We came up with some really cool points like “Why have a big surf industry where there’s a forest and lake, with no ocean?” and “Are the materials used to make the boards Eco-friendly?” and some things like “Where do you get your power?” and “How are your goods transported?”. Overall it was a learning experience for everyone in the tent, and some people who were really against the whole “Go green” concept looked like they might be changing there minds now.

I will defiantly post some pictures later on but for now you’ll just have to imagine. Also, check out that red box up in the corner there. That is for you to subscribe to every blog post I make via e-mail. What does this mean? Well whenever I publish a new post, that very second you will receive it through e-mail! Nifty huh? I’d also love to hear your comments, have any of you been to Catalina before?




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    tillirox said,

    Sounds super fun!

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    Bob 1 said,

    Your web rox, i will so post it on my blogroll

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