Have A Green Idea?

Everyone is full of ideas, including you! Right now you may have a fantastic idea about something ‘green’ or eco-friendly, something that no one has thought of before, something that could change the way we live! But you might think “Well I’m only one person, how could I get this to work?”. I have your solution! Go to http://greeneffect.com! On greeneffect.com you can submit your idea which can be viewed by anyone who chooses to see it  and that may lead to the wonderful thing called inspiration! If someone reads your idea they might be motivated to do something to make our world greener themselves, then it spreads!
Soon everyone is having wonderful ideas and our Earth can be “greener, better and happier”! You might be thinking “There has to be more with these ideas right?” correct! When you submit your idea it has a chance to win $20,000 dollars to make your green solution a possibility. The top 5 out of all the entries will be chosen to win the cash!
But Wait There’s More! Your idea will be published in National Geographic, and you get to go to Washington D.C. (where the national geographic H.Q. is located) and show off your green idea to environmental leaders!

Sounds like a good deal huh? “The catch?” you ask? Well all you have to do is register on the site, and type up your project! So NO CATCH. Just green! Simple, and very effect I highly recommend you check out this website and submit your green effect today!


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