Mother’s Day 2009

Hey guys! Mother’s Day is already coming up-May 10th! I KNOW that you guys want to make it a good Mother’s Day for your mom, so I gathered some ideas for you, to make her special day EVEN MORE SPECIAL! Here’s the catch, they’re GREEN ideas! 😀

Idea #1: Mom’s bedroom looking kind of….old? Well, a great way to freshen things up is by painting the walls a new color! A great paint company that has great paint that is great for the environment is Cerami Fresh Paints. All naturally-based paints are good for the environment! Try a pale green for a soft, naturey look, that reminds you to go green! The color green brings the outdoors in and makes a room feel fresh!

Idea #2: Things getting messy at home? If you clean up your room, your mom will be very pleased. But another thing to try is cleaning up the kitchen! A great, green cleaning product for use in the kitchen is Seventh Generation. Another good one is Maison. Naturally-based things are always better for the environment, and they work well too! The chemical products end up working worse than the natural ones! 😀

Idea #3: BRIGHT BOTTLES! That’s right, it’s craft time! If you like crafts, this is probably the idea for you…..!…… Instead of throwing away your dad’s beer bottles, you can reuse them! Here’s how: You can clean them, and then paint them! Once dry, you can put pretty flowers in them so it will be like a vase! Give them to your mom: she’ll love them! That’s a guarentee! Mom’s love anything that their children make, and in this case, she can keep it as a memory FOREVER! This one works; I did it for my mom last year! Here’s an idea for this idea! Use the same paint that you used for Idea #1 to paint the bottles! 

If you guys have anymore green ideas, feel free to comment them! Try not to buy those cards that play music when you open them! They are a HUGE waste of energy! A simple card will do! (Besides, you guys are all capable of making your own cards. Just make sure to use recycled paper!)

~Jduck9 😀


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