My School Celebrating Earth Day!

Every year in April my school holds a thrilling competition between every class on campus. We all bring in as many recyclables as we can, then the ASB class gets to weigh everything in and calculate the classroom totals, then ASB will keep a record of who’s in the lead in our cafeteria for the students to see. Afterward ASB will sort through all the bottles and cans to separate everything. In the end the winning class (this year I predict room 5 will win) gets an ice cream party, held whenever desired by the teacher.
This year I thought we’d get an enormous turn out, but sadly we only received a fraction of the amount of recyclables from what we got last year. Even thought we got a bunch one day it didn’t come close to anything we got last year. I really thought all the classrooms would be pushing to snag the ice cream party… oh well.

Anyway, I took some pictures for you all! The students in the pictures requested their faces not be blurred.


This is some of my friends crushing water bottles and soda cans so we can get more recycleables in less bags. It was a blast! Until another classroom teacher announced we were sort of noisy…


My friends showing off our mini mountain of plastic and aluminum goodness

Finally we got everything separated! Obviously more bottles than cans. The hardest part was taking all the caps off the water bottles. What a pain that was! It was also a tad windy that day so we were chasing after a few things.


A cool picture I thought would be of a whole bunch of cans (and bottles shown below). The lighting wasn’t being very cooperative but I just went for it.


My friends! And if you guys read this I’d like to tell you that I really appreciate it that you “so willingly” helped me do this! I know we ran out of blue gloves but you guys grinned and got it over with without complaints. THANKS!


The super knuckle touch!


Ah, yes the boys. Only 3 in our entire ASB class so they often herd together, and it only fit that they always ended up carrying all the heavy bags around campus for us. Thanks guys!

All in all it was a good “Earth Week”! I think the elementary kicked the 6th grader’s butt’s in this competition. On Tuesday room 5 brought in over 40 pounds of Cans and bottles! *clap* those first graders are pretty determined after coming in second last year. Earth day marks the end of ‘Earth Week’ for us and on Thursday we announce the winner.
I’d really like to hear how you celebrated or how or communitee did. It’d really help me and my friends get inspired for next year and maybe give us a spring board for another great fundraiser?




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