Some of My Favorite Green Websites

My mom handed me an issue of Time Magazines and I was flipping through the pages waiting for something to catch my intrest. I accidently dropped the magazine when I went to rest my elbow on something and missed my target, and it landed back side up. On the back cover I saw Leonardo DiCaprio sporting a shiny new watch. I read the caption below it: “A Partnership to Benefit Environmental Charities”. I read the smaller print below, in it I found a link to a website, so I hopped on my computer with a donut in hand and looked up
NRDC is a non-profit orginazation determined to change the future. They are diffenatley one of the best environmental charities in the whole nation is not the world. NRDC was founded in the 1970’s by a bunch of law students and attorneys at the beginning of the environmental movement. They’re mission is as follows: “The Natural Resources Defense Council’s purpose is to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends”. Pretty cool huh? The NRDC has a staff of over 300 scientists, policy experts, and laywers, and over a million supporters!
On the website you can see what’d going on the in world involving anything “green”. You can scope out the Earth’s issues, like endangered specices and places, clean energy’s, and Global Warming itself. You can also see some ways to live green and have your own buisiness be green as well. This website is phenominal, and I am deffinatley using it as an inspiration to keep being green and do what ever I can to continue the cursade for better tomorrows.

After glancing at the picture of Leanardo on the back of the Time magaize I remembered watching the Kid’s Choice Awards. Leanardo DiCaprio recived a “green” award, and gave a small speech about global warming, and why this generation needs to act upon it now more than ever. So I looked up his website, and found On his website you can veiw pages similar to those on the nrdc website. There are pages showing you how you can live green, the current priorities of the Global Warming situation, and more!

Let me know what you think of these websites, I give the NRDC a 10/10, and leonardo’s eco friendly website a 9/10.




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    greenkidcheats said,

    Cool, ill check out Nrdc website now.

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