My School’s Earth Day Weeks!

Ok this year at my school I am going to throw an Earth Day Weeks!!! Here’s what’s going down:

  • For one week we all dress up according to the theme of the day like: “Put a Cap on the Ice Caps” (for that day we’d all where hats)!
  • For 2 weeks the entire school will compete in a recycling compition to see which classroom brings in the most recycleables (based on weight). The ASB (which I’m president of) will be sorting through all of the cans and bottles (yuck) and plan on making about $700-$800 dollars!
  • And pictures will be included!!!

Sounds like a good time right? Well let me tell you last year when we did this we had a blast sorting through all the cans and water bottles. Yeah it kinda smelled but “basket bottle” is a heck of a lot of fun! We’d have three people stand across the room with trash cans and we’d all take turns seeing who got their bag filled the fastest, *sigh* good times… If your apart of the ASB at your school I’d highly suggest doing something like this! It’s fun and profitable, and best of all you get to be green!
But, if your a little old for school maybe your work place could do something similar? But instead of classrooms it could be groups of cubicals? Anyway, no matter where you are or what your current occupation is I really encourage you to do particiapte in any Earth Day events happening in your community.

Thanks, and check back to see the relusts and some pictures of the event!!


By the way, see that little green button up there? That’s something where you can subscribe to my posts through your e-mail adress! Maybe you should click? You have nothing to loose!


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  1. 1

    Taylor said,

    Hey I go to that school!!!!!!!!!!! see you at school!!!!!!!!!1

  2. 2

    spaz125 said,

    hey there Taylor. I’m glad you visited. Taylor is our school’s secretary! WOOT

  3. 3

    Taylor said,

    Hey Alice,
    Have you seen my coment on the pictures? Who is Jduck? If you want people to know I’m the secratary at school you should put a coment on pictures saying it. Theresa, Maggie, and Rosie aren’t e-mailing me back! The meeeting should be on Wednesday or somthing. Talk to yoou later. Buy
    Taylor (secratary)

  4. 4

    spaz125 said,

    Jduck is my right hand girl. She helps me run the blog and gives me amazing ideas for the posts.
    And they (Rosie, Maggie, and Theresa) aren’t replying to your e-mails becuase they very seldom check them.

  5. 5

    kelly said,

    whats up alice. I love ur website sooooo much it is awesome and is so creative. i cant believe u came up with this. ill see u at school 2morrow. l8r!

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