Earth Hour Tonight!

Tonight (the 27th of March) America will honnor the Earth for an entire hour. We are all going to shut off lights, televisions, computers, iPods, video games, and some may even unlpug their clocks (then again, you might have a hard time figuring out when Earth Hour is over)! The entire hour we will respect our planet by saving some electricity!

The times are from 8:30 to 9:30, make sure you tell your friends to shut down at 8:30 so we can save as much electricity as possible! You may be thinking “What in the world will I do for 1 hour in the dark?” Well me and my family are going to play some board games. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Read a book by candle light.
  • Catch up on lost sleep.
  • Build something out of legos (maybe a giant lego?).
  • Make a huge domino line.
  • Go outside and see who has their lights on/off.
  • Exercise. (Wii Fit is a no-no)
  • Play hide and seek with pals.
  • Play an instrument? Practice without watching your fingers.
  • Marshmellow roast! (and to my friend Tia. No marshmellows for you!)
  • Bring out the sparklers! (what a kodac moment!)
  • Bring out the bikes and ride around the neighborhood! (yep, street-lights are kept on for safety)
  • Listen for Fire Engines (candles can be hazardous)
  • Make a bet with a friend whether there will be a baby spike in the next couple of months?
  • Look for something you’ve lost a while ago (like a hat, favorite sticky note stack…) and if you find it, well geez! Imagine how easy that might have been in the light!
  • Make a target, and test your aim. (PLEASE comment if you get a bullseye! We want to know!)

And for those who cannot stand to be without their computer…

  • Consider your next Twitter topic
  • Have a blog? Maybe you should hand write your next post including drawings, then scan it after Earth hour. (use recycled paper of course!)
  • If your absolutley dying to get on your computer, maybe your computer is becoming unhealthy for you. Think about it.

I hope that can help you pass the time. I have tried to find out how much energy Earth Hour is estimated to save but have come up with nothing. Anyway the point of Earth Hour is to show the Earth we still love her, and to show ourselves we can have fun without ourelectric appliances.

(Information gathered from:

and – for some reason that link just wont work-sorry! You will have to type it in yourselves!)



HAVE A SUPER-FUN EARTH HOUR! REMEMBER, WITHOUT YOU GUYS, THE EARTH CAN’T SURVIVE! This is the day to thank her for everything she has done for us! 


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  1. 1

    james said,

    Hey Jduck and Cool the Globe,
    I love your blog and thanks for supporting earth hour and giving all these ideas on what to do (:

    Nice job,

    James administrator

  2. 2

    spaz125 said,

    Thanks James!!! I can’t even explain how much this means to me!! This is deffinatley one of out best days for hits on our blog and it’s all becuase of DockPenguins!!

  3. 3

    Jduck9 said,

    Seriously, thanks for the support everyone!!!!!!! I’m so happy! It’s not even about the hits here for me anymore, I’m happy with whoever sees this site! I need to save the earth, and with Cool The Globe, I’m confident I can do it!!!!! 😀

  4. 4

    spaz125 said,

    Woo-Hoo!!! Yeah, this is deffinatley one of our reccord days! I’m so glad so many of you have visited here, and I hope that everyone can learn something from our blog!!!

  5. 5

    spaz125 said,

    So true CTG!

    PS. This is Jduck9…there were spelling errors in a post that I was compelled to correct! 😀 I love you guys!

  6. 6

    teto said,

    i think earth hour should be every month

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