Changes Coming Soon

I don’t want to keep anyone in the dark about what this blog’s future is so you guys ought to know. Some changes are kind of obvious others I’ve kept to myself. Here they are:

  • I have changed the blog’s title to “Cool Our Globe” becuase I think we don’t want to confuse anyone by just saying “The Globe”. They would have no idea which one we’re talking about! And it sounds better (don’t you agree?). I also am doing this for my next change in the blog
  • It’s time for Cool Our Globe to branch out. We need to reach more people to pass along the information here, and to do so we can’t be limited by wordpress. We need a domain name and hosting! If you don’t know what those are then here is a little summary for each:

Domain name: It allows me to have a shorter and better URL. So instead of “” it would be “”

Hosting: Gives me much more options like: Design, Advertising, Plug-Ins, and fun things for you guys like: Top Commenter, just to name a few.

  • A BIG contest is somewhere in the future. It will have real prizes like T-Shirts and gift cards; those kinds of things. Once I get the kind of stats I want (hits, subscribers, comments, ect…) then a big contest will be hosted. I’ll let you know what I’m looking for so the contest casn be launched soon.
  • I have a Twitter account! I’ve heard many good things about it and that it is a must have for blogger’s want to build their community (said by wordpress!). You can follow me here, and if you don’t have an accout I reccomend you get one or at least check out the website. The overall concept of Twitter is to announce to your friends and/or followers what your up to! The system is very fast so even those with dial-up can probably easily use it without having to start drumming their fingers waiting for something to load!
  • Subscriber count button. Why is it red? Becuase we only have 2 subscribers! Not that that is a bad thing it’s just I think we can do WAY better than two. Once we get about 15 subscribers I’ll change the color to something to match the color scheme here (green). Anyway the point is I want you to subscribe! It won’t do you any harm! If it is the fear of spam stopping you then you shall fear no more when I say 100% spam free and 0% junk mail!!!

Well that is about it for now. I’d really like to here your opinion on this and if you have any suggestions yourself? Hey, if it’s a significant enough suggestion I might just edit this to show the world your great idea!

Please! Leave a comment! Voice your much apperciated opinion!!!

Thank you,



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