Abu Dhabi, the City of Solar

I can’t take all the credit. My very helpful dad stumbled upon the news while reading the Time magazines we’ve collected throughout our subscription to them. After reading the article I was inspired to write about the amazing city that runs completely on solar power!
Just to let you know before-hand I don’t intend on posting too much information about the subject for 2 reasons; First, I think the author for the magazine tells it much better (hhmmm that might be why he was hired?), and second, the way I’d type it would be sort of dull.

Ironically the city is the eighth biggest producer of petroleum in the world, but turning to solar was a smart choice considering oil won’t last us forever. The size of the solar field is (to my estimate) around the same size as my neighborhood, here’s a picture found in the magazine:

You can see all the solar panels are kept in the lower left hand corner, powering the city which is about 3 times the size of the solar field. And if you look at the landscape I don’t think that space was a problem; when your out in the desert you have nothing but space and the sun (Happy problem)! I believe stated in the article that this was the first 100% green city ever! What an accomplishment!!!

The article itself can be viewed here including a close up of one of the solar panels. My hopes are that we (Americans) start using this technology more, and maybe even develope a better solar panel that can be made smaller (heck, everything is getting smaller these days. Why not solar panels?) and still have the same amount of efficiency. What do all of you think? I’d love to hear your opinion(s) so please feel more than welcome to leave a comment ;).

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