Another Earth(s)?

Well it’s always nice to have a back up plan in case things don’t go the way you wanted them too. So why not have a backup plan for Earth? If we are unable to clean up our mess (air quality, destruction of habitats..ect.), where will we go? To another Planet Similar to Earth of course! but does such a place exist? That’s what I want to find out; So I googled the subject for a while and came up with these websites:

SO with all this information I can pretty much sum up that there are Earth like planets out there, some relatively close (only trillions of miles away, which I guess in space is right next door), others a little farther. And that out of all the Earth like planets most are in their early stages of development for being on there way to being able to support life. Meaning they have  a thin atmosphere, they have the right temperatures for water it’s just not there, they have the similar rocky terrain as we do and all that. And most of these planets similar to ours are about 5 times bigger, and I cannot decide weather this is good or bad :?.
Well I say it’s a breakthrough just to know that there are planets out there that will eventually be able to support life they just need to be given some time. This makes me glad because if we decide on a certain planet to possibly move to then at least we have that option! But I’d like to think positively and think about our own planet being all nice and tidy in the future instead of having to move off to another world.
And besides, who would want to move to another planet? The worst part would be the trip; Years you would spend on a rocket with some other people, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. And no, it probably wouldn’t be like the huge craft in the movie “Wall E” (one of my favorite movies ;)). Then there’s that point at which you land on the planet… new everything! I would be scarred to be outside, especially if you’ve watched multiple Sci-Fi alien horror films… *shivers*. It’d be nice if any other life forms were friendly but I doubt they’d be there in the first place.
So with all this said I’d like to hear your opinion on this subject! You can voice it by leaving a comment below,

Thank you for reading!


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