Take Small Steps to Cool the Globe

Many people want to take action against climate change but aren’t sure how to start. This is a small guide to help you take some steps for fighting global warming:

Step 1. How Will You Help?

Figuring out how you are going to become “Green”. Doing this is very important because you need to focus on your goal. Your goal should be something like “Save the ****** species” or “Recycle More”. But of course those aren’t the only choices! All you have to do to decide is get inspired. To do so pick something that you really care about; for example do you hate to see those “Adopt an Animal” commercials because they’re so sad? Well pick an endangered species and help save it (that will be explained in another step). So once you’ve done that go on to step 2.

Step 2. Plan your actions

I doubt you will put every second of your time in to this, you have other things to do also; friends, family, school, your job… Anyway your planning should be a small thought or idea of what or how you are going to help the Earth out. Are you going to sell a product? Are you going to try and get donations for charities? Are you going to start an entire business? Whatever you decide make sure you have time to work at it, like starting an entire bossiness, that one will require a ton of time! I recommend the donations one or anything just as simple.

Step 3. Materials and Dates and More

Ok, so you have your idea now we need to get any necessary materials. IF you are doing something involving gathering donations for a charity, you would need things like a jar (for money) a table (for the jar) and a chair (or your behind). Then you must choose a location, date, and time. Other things you may need are friends, other people helping you help the Earth  makes whatever your doing much much easier! The more help the less work for all of you, this is good because it means more time and better planning for whatever it is your doing.  Once this is all set up (and remember it doesn’t matter what your doing but the steps are essential) you can proceed on to the next step!

Step 4. Let the action proceed

 Ok, so now you are focused on your goal (whatever it may be), you have decided how your going to reach that goal, you’ve planned it out, and now you will carry it out! Whatever you (and maybe your friends) have planned to do you are ready to go do it!!! Once your done I want you to ask your self this:
“How have I impacted the Earth?”
Was it good? Bad? Did it help at all? If you have changed the world for the better (and you probably did, everything you do has an effect on our planet) than I want you to wear a smile every time you recycle, plant something, choose bike over car, or anything “Green”. That smile means
“Yes I have helped our Earth. And am proud of it!”


Here is a list of Ideas for you to start at step 1 with:

  • Help revive a shrinking species
  • Rid the air of too much C02, plant some… plants!
  • Un-plug and excersize! Enjoy nature
  • Ditch the car, love the bike

Some Ideas for step 2:

  • Find a charity to donate money to
  • Start a group or club
  • Make a product
  • Teach others

Well I hope this helped! Thank you so very much for reading I really apperciate it!!

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