The Power of Your Mind

The human brain is the most complex machine ever to be discovered. Even today we are trying to unfold the most amazing mysteries our minds hold. With that said, you must know your mind has awesome power; the ability to think faster than the most advanced computer, to send messages to the rest of your body, to figure out right from wrong. The list is endless. So you may be thinking: “What does this have to do with Global Warming?”, well you have one particular mind power that you may be unaware of, actually it is a law. Like the law of gravity, but this one is called The Law Of Attraction.
How it works:

Yes, you’ve probably heard it before right? Well if you have skip down to the next section (why learn what you already know?). If you haven’t learnedabout the law of attraction please keep reading. The law of attraction basically states this: thoughts, become, things. Easy right? So to clarify I will give you an example: your driving to work, big presentation for the boss today and it has to go perfect! You’ve already screwed up that big delivery last week so the boss is going to be on your case until you gain back his trust. Anyway back in the car. Your pulling out of your driveway. STOP. Right now your mind is going through ALL the worst case scenario’s “will there be traffic?” or “will I get a flat tire?” or “will I forget something important?”. Your mind does this so you can plan ahead and have a plan B, but if you let those things get to you they will happen.
Here watch this video: WARNING it is 20 minutes long so if you have a slow computer you may want to watch some TV while this thing loads. It’s a good important life changing film that you should watch

How to use The Law of Attraction for Global Warming

After seeing the video you must have a good grasp on how this works. So to use the law of attraction to stop global warming you can do any of the following:

  • Think happy thoughts: Species on the brink of extinction making a major recovery, millions of trees being planted in what used to be a forest. Or even about technology, every person in America getting solar panels, or you and some friends grabbing some 100% electric powered vehicles. Thinking about these things constantly can totally change the way you live, you’d be saving money like crazy if you got the car and solar panels!!!
  • Help a friend: If you have the good fortune of really using the law of attraction, help out a friend. Think of them getting some more money for college through recycling all those bottles and cans. Or maybe them putting togteher a school function about planting about 5-10 trees in that old lot across the street.
  • Convince your friends: Tell your friends about the law of attraction, maybe you can earn some money for that road trip you all have wanted to go on! “Disney Land here we come”. That money can be earned in so many different ways! Check out the “Effective fundraisers” page for some inspiration.

Those are some things you could do to help your self, and the planet. If you really want to get in to “Cooling the Globe” try doing some of these:

  • create your own inspirational video, watch this every morning and every night right before you go to bed. This video should contain things like: “You will plant over100 trees in your lifetime! They will grow tall and beautiful, all because of your hard work. You will help save the (insert species name here) from going extinct by opening a “save the (insert animal name here) foundation. You should include pictures too. This is called a mind movie
  • Next your bed leave a note and make sure it inspires you every time you read it: “You are a global warming warrior. Together the future is better.” or something like that, make sure you really, really get motivated by that paper/note. This can be a life changer all in it’s self. I read that this one time a guy really needed some money, so he wrote a check to himself for $100,000 dollars. He taped it to his ceiling so every morning when he woke up, he would see a check, for him, and that it will be his if he keeps working at it.
  • If you have an iPod (most people do) you can leave little notes and reminders in it. All you need is the right software. Each week type up a new little saying, this can be like the sticky note thing, just a little different.
  • You can also download some pictures off the Internet and put them on your iPod in a slide show, you can get really creative with this one!! It could be a picture, a word, picture, word…ect.. To find some cool pictures just go to google, and in the upper left hand corner of your screen you will see some options, just click “Images” and whatever you type in the search box, google will look for pictures.
  • I really like this one: Download some relaxing music on to your iPod/MP3, I downloaded the sound of a small river flowing with the quite sounds of violins and other instruments. It plays for about 5-6 minutes and while I listen i think of me, at peace, nothing to do. Just lying down in the soft grass under the shade of a tree in August.. very relaxing, being relaxed can help you focus more on your goals.

Well that’s all I got for now so please remember to visit often and maybe even subscribe to my posts via Feed Burner.

Cool the Globe


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  1. 1

    Jeremjay24 said,

    Oh my gosh, this was the best post yet! But still, think that you will make better posts and it will happen!

  2. 2

    Jduck9 said,

    Cool. Lol “cool” as in “cooling the globe”! DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO DP?

  3. 3

    spaz125 said,

    yes it is very unfortunate, But today was our best day yet! 33 views

  4. 4

    tjkfbi13 said,

    Wow… You know about Global Warming that I thought you did. lol. Cool. You got a new fan! Also I don’t have a Ipod. :(. I’ll try the sticky note thing. And that guy who put a check on the ceiling was interesting!

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