My Right Hand Girl!

I would like to introduce, Jduck9, she is the first ever “Contributor” to this blog. Right now she is currently helping me advertise my site, and assisting me in finding new topics to write about. So far Judck has done better than I could have hoped; she has advertised almost everywhere she can for free, she has urged friends to check out the blog, Jduck is even helping me create a new page (one that may be our most popular yet). This new page will be published within 2 months. It will include pictures, quotes from well known scientists, and our own theories. I want the title and the main details on its contents to remain a surprise for you, so check back often.
If you have any questions for Judck, please leave a comment in the “Q and A” page. Here is a brief description of Judck, written by her:

I’m a tween girl named Jduck9 and I love to help. Well, my Club Penguin username is JDUCK9 if any of you have been on CP before. I live in the world (lol) and we need to make sure it keeps spinning. What I mean by that is, stopping Global Warming. The way some people treat earth has had many people believing the world will end soon. I don’t know, but I care about the Earth. I was on a forum one day and saw an ad for Cool The globe blog and I clicked and clicked away! I realized what a big issue this was AGAIN (I’ve been slacking) and got back on track. Yup, it’s true! Everyone gets lazy sometimes! Including me, and you. I can remember sometimes where I littered. But hey, who hasn’t? But now that I’m back on track, I’m determined to take everyone on the train ride with me. To save Global Warming, we need your help. Ok, I know this page is supposed to be about me, but it kind of is. It’s about my feelings. I can’t talk about me. I just can’t. That makes me feel rude. Anyways, some tips I have for going-green are:

*After opening a letter in the mail, recycle the envelope. If you want to keep the letters, you can keep a bulletin board in your room and post the letters on with a pin.
*When old jeans don’t fit you anymore, cut off the legs. At a craft store, buy fluff. Stuff both jean legs with fluff and tie the ends of the jean legs into a knot. Now you have a jean pillow!!!!
*When you leave your house, turn off all of your TVs, lights, games, etc. and unplug chargers that aren’t connected to anything.
This also fits with these tips: If you still use a nightlight, turn it on in the night, but don’t forget to turn it off in daytime! Also, don’t leave your computer on at night. It sucks up energy and money!
*You don’t need too many paperclips. You only have to use one because you can just reuse it and reuse it, over and over again. Plus, if you have extra, just recycle them.
*Try not to use paper plates or napkins. Every year, over 5,000 are wasted. If the average person used one fewer every day, it would save about 150 million from the trash.

That’s all for now! Thanks for your support!

Anyway, I (Spaz125) also have a random peace of information for you (I’ll try and keep it short). I am currently 3/4 the way done with my Girl Scout Silver Award (that’s the highest award you can get at my level); to finish it off I need to do something that involves having my own business. At first I thought “my blog! Perfect” but I have to sell an actual item. So hopefully in the near future I will be selling some sort of product to the world (not offered online unfortunately), I will be sure this product either helps people see why Global Warming is a threat to Earth, is an “eco-friendly” item that is good for everyday use, or is an immense help to our environment. The money I earn will be used as (what I like to call) “Green Cash”. Green Cash is money earned by me, or this blog; the money will be donated to an environment saving organization or used for me to help the environment.
This will be determined by either both me and Judck, or we will have you vote in a poll.

Thank you so much for reading we both appreciate it very much!

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    Detroit87 said,

    If you want tons of hits ask my friend clone
    His site is
    He had over 4,000 hits yesterday because he
    Started advertising on a site. I am an admin there
    So I know it but you should ask him because I am new to it

    Spaz125 Alright I will check it out, thanks for the tip!

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