My Friend Is Cooling The Globe

Like the title says one of my friends is helping me “Cool the Globe”.
Rosie: She is one of my best friends ever and has some awesome ways of being “green”:

  • Every week Rosie and her family bring water bottles to school (being like super pro in sports makes you thirsty… go figure). Of courseyou can imagine that over time all those empty bottles would definitely add up, so each week they only use 1 water bottle each. How is this possible? Well when a bottle goes empty they just re-fill it; yes it is simple but extremely effective!
  • With a very large amount of property Rosie has plenty of space for tree’s, plants, and flowers. I’m not sure exactly how many trees they have but there are quite a few; most are fruit trees so that means they don’t have to spend money on ones that the grocery store. And those fruits are as fresh as can be! Mmmmm, fresh fruit for free!
  • This next example has been repeated over and over again and I bet your absolutely sick of hearing it. Rosie always makes sure that no electricity or water is being wasted. In these tough times with our current economy situation my friend knows that these resources are valuable and not meant to be wasted.
  • Out where we live, it takes about 20-25 minutes to get to our school. You can either drive in your (or someone else’s) car, or ride the bus. Riding the bus is a much “cleaner” way of transportation out here. The busses are only used to get to and from school, unlike our own vehicles that we use much more often. Rosie and I have sat together on the bus for 3 years in a row now (except for the off-days when one of us has something else going on). So we together have saved a ton of fuel. (go team!)

here’s a picture of Rosie! (this was when it snowed about 1-2 inches up here in December). And yes, she gave me permission to post a picture of her on the internet.


Quote from Rosie: “Life is Short Eat a Cookie”

Hopefully she will comment on this (hint hint). Thanks for reading!

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6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Blond said,

    Wow I am flattered! Geez spaz! Way to go! It turned out very well! and I love the quote because it is so true! Touchdown San Diego! Sorry I could not control myself! Yes I am a sport freak! Well All I can say is COOL THAT GLOBE!

  2. 2

    spaz125 said,

    woo-hoo! thanks for the comment Rosie, I mean “Blond”. see you at school!!!

  3. 3

    Jduck9 said,

    I would love to work here. This is all just incredible. WOW.

  4. 4

    abdullahhhh said,

    Nice work ctg.

  5. 5

    Jeremjay24 said,

    Wow, these are probably the best Cool the Globe tips!

  6. 6

    tillirox said,


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