New Years Resolution(s)

Christmas is over and everyone is full of fruitcake and playing with their new toys and gagdets. Then in the evening everyone gathers around the TV with hot-cocoa in hand to watch the Yewl log burn away. *sigh* Peacefull…. then you remember that New Years is just around the conrer!!

The partying starts back up and family and friends gather for the last celebration of 2008. You and your buddies share your new-years-resolutions and when someone announces that they are going to do Such-and-Such you all think to yourselves “Yeah, keep living in your fantasy world”. Well I say this year we all make pledge to reduce your CO2 emissions! To do this we can do any of the following:

  • Find our carbon footprint (mine happens to be 31.762 for household emissions) and research on how to reduce it
  • Visit this site about once or twice a week and read up on things you can do to help out (highly recomended)
  • Drag your mouse over some of the sites on my blogroll and click one that strikes you as “interesting”
  • Talk to some knowlagable frineds about how you can assist in fighting Climate Change, Im sure they’d be estatic to help you help our planet
  • Research other sites online

Of coruse there are a whole bunch of other things you can do to fullfil your “green” resolution.

if you are having troubles getting to my blog every time you want to visit, might I suggest the following:

  • Book Mark me
  • Add this to your favorites
  • subscribe to my posts via e-mail

those will help you find me, along with many others! The more e-mail subscribers I recive, the better chance of a search engine finding me! Same goes for the bookmarks.




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