Yay for Snow!

Well, I was very skeptic about it but it happened. It has snowed! Yep, about 2 inches at the most, only some is good for making snowballs and forts, but the rest is slush. It has been raining all this week with low temperatures, there was a little glowing bit of hope inside me that snow would come. But For the Last few years that glimmer of hope was destroyed by the rain that never came. So when I got home from a rainy school day today, I finished up some present wrapping and headed outside to pelt some left-over scarecrows with my snowballs of fury! GRRR… Well to stay on topic with “Global Warming” I have a bit of news for you. Today during breakfast my mother announced that the trees outside are loving the wet weather because she can see the prettiest little green leaves on the ends of the branches! So as long as the trees are soaking up the water it must be a good thing! Unfortunately I am unable to provide you with pictures because of my lack of a camera that will hook up to my computer, even so my pictures wouldn’t be all that great. *Yawn* well I have to go, my feet need thawing out from me having romped around in the sloppy wet slush that can barley be called “snow”.

Happy Holidays,


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    Blond #5 said,

    Hey Prez,
    Guess who! Yep the one and only! This entry is so cool! no lie! Geeeez! Way to go Spaz125
    LOL finally I go and check the comments! Good to see your visiting, love you blond! See you tomorrow.

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