Online Bull Contest.

yes this is WAY off topic from the whole “Cool the Globe” thing, but I do other things than contribute to my own blog. Online Bull is a blog that will “provide smashing internet marketing tips” for all who choose to view this little marvel of the blogging world. Today it’s owner Ganesh has posted that he will be holding a contest with prizes (put together) that are worth roughly $600 dollars! The prize winner(s) will be determined through a kind of raffle system, you must follow the listed instructions (on his blog of course) to gather as many tickets as you can.
This contest will be held all the way up till’ Christmas so get going!!! Of course before you leave my blog you may want to know
“what are the prizes?”
The prizes include:

  • Ad spots on both his site and others
  • text links
  • Reviews
  • Ebooks and other information containing products
  • Themes
  • Coruces and Memberships

So, with all this said I recomend you go on and visit Ganesh’s blog to collect some sweet tickets! Remember these contest prizes are only valueble to those who have a blog or website. Otherwise, they are worthless.

Click here to vist Online Bull

And remember, if you want to be the first to know when and what i post click that link in the upper right hand coner of my blog to subscribe via feedbunrer. I promise you NO junk mail will haunt your inbox, all you get is my sweet content. Yay!

Come back soon, every hit counts.



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