Disney’s Club Penguin, Cooling the Globe

Most of you have probably heard of “Club Penguin”, it is an online game owned by Disney where you have your very own penguin that you can; dress up; chat with friends; play games, earn coins, and decorate your igloo. I happen to have an account named “Invisable 4u”. So to get to the point, each year during the month of December (starting from December 2007) club penguin hots a campaign called “Coins for Change”. In this contest you and your friends can donate your coins to help raise REAL money for three different causes.

  • The Environment
  • Children’s Health
  • and Children in Developing Countries

so when I heard of this I was all for donating to the Environment. In the end I was able to dish out over 10,000 coins. There was $1,000,000 dollars donated to each charity. And this year Club Penguin will be doing this once more. I am hoping that there will be more participation in donating since there is a growing number in accounts due to some “air time” on television after the Walt Disney Company bought it.
Many species could be saved from doing this. Think for a minute, a whole 1 million dollars to each cause. So much could be done!!! Trees planted, areas of pollution cleaned up, more resourceful materials can be found, animals rescued from their ever shrinking habitats. WOWZERS. I am getting all excited just thinking about it!!!
I will post again about this when the actual “Coins for Change” event begins. Screenshots will be taken for you to check it out.

Thats all for now, and thatnks for reading.



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