Generate Some Holiday Green

Well Christmasis coming up, and with today’s economy probs, prices will defiantly increase. So I have decided to make a little guide to help you save some green in both ways (money, and the environment!)

  • When Shopping

Make sure you have a list of what you are buying. Before you leave the house check it. Then when your in the car CHECK IT. If you forget something and can’t figure out what it is, you will most likely remember once you get back home, meaning you’d have to turn ALL the way around later that day or tomorrow for that one item.
If the item is pricey, (as an example we will use a Nintendo Wii Gaming console) check with friends who already have it, ask where they bought it. And if they don’t mind answering, how much it was. Make a mental note of this. Look at prices on-line, call some stores, check for “used” ads in the newspaper. I heard that one time a family bought a used Nintendo Wii off of eBay for only 100 bucks (this was when Wii’s first cam out too). It was sold so cheaply because the original owner (some kid) got in trouble and his parents sold the Wii. Do your homework!!!
Drive Smartly, check for traffic reports on your local news, take the best route you can for each store.
when stopping and starting your car at red and green lights will cause you to loose more gas, so avoid traffic. And of course this is a brilliant way to save time.

  • Cool gifts!! FREE (or SUPER cheap)

You don’t always have to buy something for loved ones. Friends and Family LOVE getting pictures and homemade things. Good with wood? make a cool picture frame or pencil holder, get creative. Rather stick to pencil and paper? Make a Poster for a friend! I did that for my friends 13ThB-day. I filled it with everything he loved. His favorite band, hid favorite car, his favorite animal. Favorite stuff. And this is absolutely free! You could also

knit a blanket
make a pillow
create a bookmark (laminated is more sturdy)
design a T-shirt (all you need are fabric markers)
sculpt a sculpture
paint a painting
embroider a saying on a pillow case

There are so many possiblities!!

  • Christmas trees!!!

My family used to always get a real Christmas tree for the Holidays. But there was some things that I considered a hassle. watering, cleaning up needles, planting afterward hoping it wouldn’t die (but they ALL died anyways). Don’t get me wrong I loved the smell they brought in the house! *sniff* Aaahhhhh…. fresh pine smell…. But now we use a fake tree, saving us 1 tree per year, and less clean up time. They are ALSO way cheaper, real trees tend to range from 100 dollars to 250. Yikes. but faux trees tend to linger in the 35-50 range. HALF THE PRICE. And it is reuseable EVERY YEAR, unless when you are decorating with your family your fat uncle grabs a ladder to put the star on top, then topples over while you call “TIMBERRRR”…. yes these things happen…. and it sucks….. So buy a fake tree!!!! And don’t let a major klutz anywhere near it!!!!

  • Wrapping paper

we all love seeing the Christmas tree piled half-way high with presents each year!!! No matter the cost is it’s always cool the see the look on the youngest face in the house when he/she spots the wonderland of colors and shiny bows. But what could be even COOLER??? A present wrapped by you, and designed by you! grab some paper that has been made from recycled products and wrap your gift in that!!! Color on it with sharpies, (NOTE: sharpies CAN bleed through, so watch out.) and some crayolas. And maybe instead of buying a card you can write all over the outside!! Again saving you about $1.50 (and that adds up if since theres usally 1 card per presnt). Get creative, and gather all the picasos in the house for a doodle session!!!

  • “Green” Christmas Lights

weather its for the tree, outside of the house, or on the family dog. I say all lights should be energy effeciant. Electric bills can soar for some families that keep the outside lighting on all night. So grab some low-voltage but colorfull bulbs during your next shopping trip, you can put this on the LIST mentioned earlier.
I am not sure exactly where these can be purchase but don’t hesitate to ask your friendly home depot guy, or Lowes employee.

Well thats it for now, I hope you have a great Christmas this year. Please be safe, always look both ways, and remember when your driving; penguins have the right away, yeah they waddle slow, but would you want to be accused of a penguin hit-and-run? Not me, I know that.



Happy Holidays,


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