Normaly I would say “Hi there, and welcome to my blog!”, but that’s what titles are for. So first off I would like to thank you for clicking on my blog! You are most likely one of the first ever people to come here. Recently I have had another blog here about club penguin cheats and updates, but found it being a waste of time. Then I discovered Adsense and went to Blogspot, and was disapointed. So here I am, with only about $0.41 from Adsense, and a motivation to change the world. My goals of this blog are to

  • Inform and teach others, best I can. I will use info from multiple sites (and give a link, with credit), along with my own gathered knowlage from science class. When I say “teach others” I mean of, how global warming happens, what it causes, sources of trouble, and short animations explaining things.
  • Fun and effect ways to “Cool the Globe” like, fundraisers, family events, school events, and indivdual projects
  • A page of motivation, that will…. uh…. motivate? No Inspire and encourage you to help out. Most of the videos will be from YouTube, in fact I think all will be from YouTube.

Those goals are just for now. I will add more depending on how many people visit my blog in a given amount of time. This blog will never be finished with adding things, taking stuff off, and mixing it up. Just like our Earth, this blog will be forever changing. I will have many pages (seen to the right) with helpfull things. If you have ANY comments questions or concerns, please leave a comment. And if it’s really important  e-mail me at:


I check it every weekend (you know school monday through friday….). So if you want to find any info about Global Warming this is the place! You may have noticed in the upper right hand coner of the blog there is a spot where you can subscribe to my blog, what this means is that you enter your e-mail address, I write and publish a new post, you get an e-mail instantly. tada! you are one of the first to know. Hope you find everyothing you need here. I will post again once I have some pages set up. Later I might add pictures more videos and what-not.

Good luck, Cheers, and all that….



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    Josh said,

    hey thank you for visiting my blog and I apologize for taking so long to respond…I’m actually working on a new one since i let that one slip away. Anyway, you can use that link about global warming, but don’t worry about giving me any credit because I didn’t make that list to begin with. Also, I was looking through you’re site and you are obviously doing your part to help prevent global warming…I think it’s great that you have a cause you believe in, but I must tell you that the “list of things affected by global warming” is 100% true, but meant to point out the absurdness of the Gore/IPCC-inspired hysteria. Just read through the list a little closer and you’ll see what i’m talking about: it’s so ridiculous that it could be mistaken for satire. For example, “Poison Ivy” is on the list. Seems absurd, I know, but they [the global warming scientists] are actually claiming that poison ivy will get worse unless we reverse global warming. But although I strongly disagree with your cause, I still think it’s a good sign that young people are getting more involved. We definitely need good leaders in the future. Anyway, have a good day and nice site.

    thanks for the comment! by far the longest I have EVER recived in ANY blog. Good luck with the new blog/website.

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